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Vegetarian Diet to Manage Diabetes

I have personally come across many type-2 diabetic patients or know people that suffer from this disease and are willing to do almost anything for it. One of the things that patients of diabetes can do is change their diet. A vegetarian diet to manage diabetes has proven to give great results and many people … Continue reading "Vegetarian Diet to Manage Diabetes"

Try a Protein Rich Weight Loss Diet Plan for Effective Results

These days, there are many weight loss diet plans that are being recommended over the internet that aim to help you see quick results. But it is not all that easy because every individual is unique and hence the results may take some time to show for some more than others. Hence a weight loss … Continue reading "Try a Protein Rich Weight Loss Diet Plan for Effective Results"

Healthy Diet for Stress Relieving

We face many kinds of stressful elements in our daily life, be it at work or home; hence it becomes very important to really relieve all the stress that builds up. Otherwise the pent-up stress will have many adverse effects on our physical and mental health. There are many things that one can do to … Continue reading "Healthy Diet for Stress Relieving"

Eat Healthy For A Healthier You

There is not a single person that would not like to lead a healthy life. But this is only possible if you have balanced diet for optimum health. In-fact many of us have thought about starting a healthy diet with a proper eating regime that consists of meals that are in tune with the health … Continue reading "Eat Healthy For A Healthier You"

Age Gracefully With The Right Food

About three fourth of the aged people in the world suffer from chronic diseases like, diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder problems, obesity and so on. It is all the neglect we do on health during our entire life that affects us during old age. A healthy and fulfilling diet is essential for aging appropriately, … Continue reading "Age Gracefully With The Right Food"

Milking The Story Of Calcium

The mantra for today is, the more milk you have, the more chance you get to see a slimmer and healthier you. It is observed widely that people who drink two glasses of milk daily have higher vitamin D content in their bones and also they tend to stay slim and fit, than others who … Continue reading "Milking The Story Of Calcium"

The Snacking Episode

The word snacking brings chips, fried and canned food to your mind, in other words you tend to picturize snacking as eating unhealthy food that can take a toll on your weight and life in general. But you can turn snacking in between meals to a healthy thing by carefully choosing what you are nibbling … Continue reading "The Snacking Episode"

Mediterranean Flavors

If you are a big foodie who is planning to shed some weight, then Mediterranean diet can be your thought of the day. Usually by Mediterranean diet our mind takes us to pizzas, hummus and pita bread or pastas. But these refined options do not do any nutritional contribution apart from filling your tummy and … Continue reading "Mediterranean Flavors"

A Wholesome Breakfast Means A Thinner You

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Often our busy life takes toll on our health and skipping breakfast makes it worse. When your focus is on reducing weight, you should not stop eating. Rather the mantra should be to eat healthy and nutrition rich food. Eating the right kind of food can … Continue reading "A Wholesome Breakfast Means A Thinner You"

Gain That Extra Pound

The world is full of obese people dying to get their weight under control. Some of them even jealous of those, who are born thin and underweight. However, there is very little we know of the pain of really thin individuals. If you are underweight or too thin to look, you will lack self confidence. … Continue reading "Gain That Extra Pound"

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