A Wholesome Breakfast Means A Thinner You

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Often our busy life takes toll on our health and skipping breakfast makes it worse. When your focus is on reducing weight, you should not stop eating. Rather the mantra should be to eat healthy and nutrition rich food. Eating the right kind of food can not only help reduce unwanted weight but also will boost your immune system and your overall health pattern. To start the diet plan in an effective way make a healthy start of your day with a healthy breakfast.


Let’s look at what all health options we have to start our day with.

  • Oats is an excellent option to start your day with. It is rich in fibre and minerals. Its rich store of manganese, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B1 and protein lower cholesterol and creates guard against diabetes and heart disease along with boosting the overall immunity.

  • Nothing is better than a fruit chaat to start your day with. Apple and guava has anti-oxidant properties. They are low in sodium and fat. Their high fibre content keeps you full without adding any fat.

  • Watermelon is an excellent option during summer. It will keep you hydrated and its high water content and roughage can fill your tummy without adding extra calorie to your diet.

  • Pear takes care of one quarter of your fibre requirement. It is also rich in vitamin c.

  • Oranges are not only vitamin c rich fruits, but also keeps your metabolism strong. In order to reduce excess body fat, a good digestive system is essential. Also its sweet taste helps you crave less for sweets in general.

  • Uncooked tomatoes served in salad can be a health boost as it is rich in antioxidant.

  • A fruit chaat with any combination of the above fruits can take care of your dietary need. It will also help you shed any extra kilos that you are planning to get rid of for some time.

  • Whole wheat in either wrap or roti form, can help you fill your tummy with sufficient intake without adding any extra fat to your routine. Its rich fibre content is perfect for a balanced and healthy diet.

  • Vegetable dalia can add flavor to your morning breakfast contributing efficiently in reducing your weight.


In order to make a healthy start, you need a wholesome breakfast which will also help your metabolism to function properly which in turn will help you burn more calories than you usually do. So, eat healthy because diet does never indicate “not eating”. Have water and roughage rich food balancing all the nutrients required for your body and mind, so that you can stay healthy and think fresh.

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