Personal Diet Plans

The Personalised plan is customized to fit your individual needs of weight loss or weight gain. It includes certain diets such as the GI and Blood Group Diets which we have found to be successful with our clients. If you do not have any medical condition and just want to lose weight, or gain weight in some instances, the personalised diet plan is right for you.   The personalised diet plans take into consideration your physical activity- sedentary, moderately active or very active. This helps your nutritionist at Idietitian calculate how many calories you need in order to lose the excess weight. She then prepares a week by week diet plan which covers each individual meal. According to the Mayo Clinic, an effective diet plan should be flexible, balanced, consistent and enjoyable!

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Idietitian Diet Plans

1 Month
Monthly Rs. 3,500

Starter Pack

3 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,833

Booster Pack

6 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,500

Premium Pack

12 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,333

Platinum Pack

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