Special Weight Loss Programs

Idietitian offers you special weight loss programs that include special diet plans that you have never heard. These programs are uniquely planned and developed to give effective results. We have various weight loss programs for you like Navratras diet plan, Ramadan Diet plan, Bridal diet, etc. If you also want to lose your weight, choose one of our special weight loss programs.

Our special weight loss program includes various diet plans like:

  • Navratras diet: Hindus keep fasting for nine days during navratras period as their religious belief. However health experts researched that the diet pattern that is followed during this period is very effective and considered as a fast weight loss diet. Fasting does not mean “Say No to food”. So start fasting and follow our diet plan to lose your excessive weight.
  • Ramadan diet: Ramdan lasts for 30 days so it is the best time to start your fitness journey. Keep fasting besides eating healthy meal in those 30 days keeps you in a perfect shape. These diet foods give you required amount of nutrients during fasting period that helps you to achieve your target.
  • Bridal diet: As a bridal you want that much glow on your face that matches your dress. So we provide you bridal diet plan that gives you glow on your face and also lose yourweight if needed. We recommend you to eat food that gives you clear skin with shiny hair. All these foods enhance your beauty.
  • Menopausal diet: Menopause is a natural process that occurs in every woman’s life. This menopause stage leads to various problems if proper diet is not consumed like weight gain, sleeping disorders and stress. So we advise you to adopt a proper menopausal diet plan to reduce your weight. You should not stick to your daily diet because your nutritional requirement is different during this period.

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