With the objective of developing a healthy nation, Idietitian overtures you various services. These services are personalized and plain language recommendations that help you to stay fit and healthy as well. Our services include diet consultation, weight loss packages, special weight loss programs, corporate wellness programs, idietitian membership and sports nutrition.

  • Diet consultation: You can access our diet consultant to get an advice on any health related issue. Our professional has answers to your health related problems related to losing or gaining weight.
  • Weight loss packages:  We offer various weight loss packages varying from 1-month to 6-months. You can adopt any of these packages depending upon the extent of weight you want to lose. Following these plans, will help to attain your target
  • Special weight loss programs: These are the special programs advanced with special diet plans. These programs deliver you the unique way to lose your weight including navratras diet, Ramadan diet, menopausal diet and Bridal diet. Choose any of them as per your requirement.
  • Corporate wellness programs: Idietitian presents many Corporate Wellness programs that are adopted by the corporate entities. You can also adopt it for the well being of your employees. Our corporate wellness program is accepted by many firms and has increased their production.
  • Idietitian membership: We also pass you the benefit of being our member. Becoming our member will enable you will be able to get more benefits. You can contact our dietitian personally, share all your problems and get the best solution.
  • Sports nutrition: Our expert diet plan also helps sports person. As a player your body requirement is different. Get an excellent advice from our dietitian for the suitable diet that provides you required nutrition.

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Idietitian Diet Plans

1 Month
Monthly Rs. 3,500

Starter Pack

3 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,833

Booster Pack

6 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,500

Premium Pack

12 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,333

Platinum Pack

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