Age Gracefully With The Right Food

About three fourth of the aged people in the world suffer from chronic diseases like, diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder problems, obesity and so on. It is all the neglect we do on health during our entire life that affects us during old age. A healthy and fulfilling diet is essential for aging appropriately, without suffering from chronic ailment. The main focus should be to stay physically fit and mentally stable and happy. A healthy and balanced diet will not only boost energy but it will also boost the immune system to fight illness. It is a misconception that you have to eat less with age or maintain a strict diet. Rather eating well while including all the nutrients in your food is essential for a healthy mind and body. To slow down on aging from outside, you have to start thinking young from within. Include a whole lot of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also add whole and multi grains and some amount of lean proteins. This will also reflect on your overall aura and energy. The following are the benefits of eating well.

  • Firstly, proper nutritional intake ensures keeping bones and muscles strong to resist fractures and cramps. It also prevents gout which is an old age problem observed in most of the aged people.

  • Secondly, balanced diet ensures heart health, it reduces blood pressure problems and also lowers chance of diabetes.

  • Thirdly, Vitamin rich diet boosts immunity and reduce toxin in body.

  • Fourthly, consumption of nutrient rich food and reducing unnecessary calories can keep your weight under control while giving protection from diseases like cancer and anemia.

  • Fifthly, Bright colored fruits, mushy green vegetable, fish and nuts can be an excellent combination to keep the brain cell from getting damaged due to age. Hence it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Sixthly, wholesome meals and diets rich in antioxidant can retain your glow making you feel confident and refreshed.A balanced diet along with considerable amount of exercise is essential to stay physically independent as you age. There are a number of foods that you should include in your diet while aging.

  • Fruits with vibrant colors are a must like berries and melon. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber which can boost your overall health.

  • Colorful and dark green vegetables are full of antioxidants. Minerals and roughage can help in improving your digestive system.

  • Calcium intake is a must in old age to prevent bones getting brittle. Milk, cheese, yogurt or almonds and broccoli can take care of that requirement.

  • Choose whole or multi grains when considering cereals as a portion of your diet in order to benefit the most from your food.

  • Include high quality protein in your diet like; fish, eggs, chicken, nuts, low fat milk, beans and peas. Avoid having red meat regularly.


Avoid skipping meals because that will lower your metabolic rate. In turn you will start feeling sluggish and will end up munching unhealthy options. Have plenty of water throughout the day for a proper digestion and healthy skin and most importantly try and avoid eating alone. Feeling happy and content is significant to aging appropriately and happily.

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