Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is a very specific science which helps athletes by providing them with nutritional guidelines and this in turn helps them perform well in their field of sport. Although sports nutrition can be applied to almost any form of sports training or physical activity—including yoga, martial arts, cricket, basketball and professional dance etc., sports nutritionists also work with teams, and also work with endurance training (cycling, swimming, distance running etc.) or sports involving resistance or weight training (wrestling, lifting, bodybuilding). Individual athletes, both professional and non professionals now also seek specialized guidance to improve their performance on the field.   Sports Nutrition is for anyone who is ultimately concerned about health and fitness and their ability to perform with excellence in life.   Playing a sport requires of stamina, strength, flexibility and ability to perform. As this science is closely studied and deciphered, we are finding out every aspect which can help in enhancing performance. The Idietitian nutritionist can help you perform better as an athlete by guiding you on your diet requirements including pre and post workout meals. Sports nutrition provides specialized nutritional advice to athletes following vegetarian, vegan, or other special diets. It also helps the athlete's body recover after training or athletic competition. Sports nutrition provides information about healthy dietary practices and use of natural supplements.

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