Vegetarian Diet to Manage Diabetes

I have personally come across many type-2 diabetic patients or know people that suffer from this disease and are willing to do almost anything for it. One of the things that patients of diabetes can do is change their diet. A vegetarian diet to manage diabetes has proven to give great results and many people have started to follow this diet as a way of life. Not only is this diet healthy but is also an easy method to keep glucose levels in your blood at consistent levels. But this is possible only if you adhere to the diet religiously without any cheat-meals.   People that have turned to a vegetarian or vegan diet tend to eat fruits and vegetables in more quantities as compared to the non-vegetarians, subsequently resulting in larger intake of fiber. Just to clarify a vegetarian is a person that does not eat meat whereas a vegan is a person that does not eat meat and any product derived from animals including dairy products.   The increased intake of fiber will help the blood-sugars as the digestion process of carbohydrates begins to slow down. There is also less consumption of cholesterol amongst vegetarians because the food that they eat is all natural, and hence the clean eating will prevent and/or lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack. Tough it is to be noted that most of the cholesterol found inside us is produced by our own bodies, the less we consume from external sources the healthy it is for us.   This is the reason that a vegetarian diet is being promoted so much. A diabetic will benefit a lot if he or she switches over to a vegan or vegetarian diet to manage diabetes. Some of the things that they will notice the very first few months is a significant loss of weight and improved sugar level readings. This largely depends on the vegetarian food that you eat because if you are eating breads, macaroni & cheese or pizzas as substitutes to meat you are hardly going to see any positive results. On the other hand you will worsen your condition.   Precisely for this reason it is imperative that you speak and consult with a professional diet consultant before you change your diet. All diabetic type-2 patients must not change their diets drastically but rather in a controlled manner so as not to upset their sugar levels. A diet consultant will help you manage this transition by suggesting the best alternate foods to meat that you can eat gradually so that there is not sudden change in the protein, vitamins, minerals etc that you consume in a day. Cottage cheese, tofu and soya are great sources of protein for vegetarians.   When you change your diet, you have to give your body time to adapt, especially type-2 diabetic patients as their bodies might take longer. Therefore have patience and stick to the vegetarian diet that your diet consultant has recommended. Also, regularly monitor your sugar levels in your blood. You will notice that gradually they will begin to stabilize as your body also starts to adjust to the diet.

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