Mediterranean Flavors

If you are a big foodie who is planning to shed some weight, then Mediterranean diet can be your thought of the day. Usually by Mediterranean diet our mind takes us to pizzas, hummus and pita bread or pastas. But these refined options do not do any nutritional contribution apart from filling your tummy and mind. So, it is essential to realize what all healthy option you have in Mediterranean diet and their benefits in comparison to other healthy food choices.

  • Firstly, restrict a major chunk of your meal to plant based foods such as, whole grain or multi grains cereal in the form of wheat, barley, corn, oats, brown rice etc, loads of fresh and green vegetables, fruits as shake, smoothie or deserts, nuts and legumes.

  • Secondly, use limited amount of oil rather use olive oil in cooking and dressing your bowl of salad. Butter and margarine should be avoided as much as possible.

  • Thirdly, cheese and yogurt takes care of the dairy needs.

  • Fourthly, Mediterranean diet is rich in fibre.

  • Fifthly, use herbs and spices to bring flavor to your food. Those who have pressure related problem can cut down on salt and depend more on herbs.

  • Sixthly, have less of red meat and depend more on poultry.

  • Seventhly, eating fish at least twice a week can prove extremely beneficial to you.

  • Eighthly, drinking red wine in moderate amount is good for health.


Mediterranean diet became popular in the 90s ever since it has spread like wild fire. This type of food can affect you positively in many ways. They are;

  • It is good for your heart and can help those with heart related problems. Mediterranean diets are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which protect one from heart disease.

  • It gives protection against diabetes and is considered a healthy meal option for diabetic patients since it is rich in fibre, low in calories and promotes whole grain food and depends on fish protein for dietary supplements.

  • It is good for brain development in young children and proved very effective in preventing Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • This type of diet is rich in antioxidant, which prevents cell from getting damaged hence reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

  • It strengthens bone as well.

  • Due to its low fat diet and rich fibre content it is ideal for those who want to cut down on body fat.

  • Those who live on Mediterranean diet, live longer.


So, be it losing excess body fat or indulging in a healthy eating habit for future, Mediterranean diet serves the purpose well.


Change your eating and cooking pattern to mould in Mediterranean flavor and harvest a happy you.

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