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Most of the ways in which you communicate with the Idietitian. Web page grant us to know more about you. We store related information about the online activities of our clients on collective manner. For instance, we record the number of people who go through each page , just to learn which feature is being popular and viewed most of the time. We don’t attain any personal information related to you.

In case , if we gather your personal information, than in that case you have the option to reveal or not to reveal that information to us. Your information get shared with us with your prior permission when you fill registration form, Feedback form or when you leave a message on live chat. The personal information which you choose to share with us is email address, name, physical address, telephone number, current weight and goal weight etc. If you fail to provide mandatory information, than you may not be able to access few sections of our website and it may not work for you properly.


We do not leak your name or email- ID or any type of personal information to mass marketers. We utilize you information on personal and collective basis to perform these activities like: enhance our website, distribute e-mail communication etc. We also use your information to elevate your on page experience on website by displaying marketing massages and content which we believe is of your interest.


Cookies are little part of information saved in your hard disk and not on website. We need cookies for limited information for various reasons. First, cookies help you from rewriting your password, as it save your password. Second, help us to know your requirements as well as interests, so that we can assist you accordingly. Third, cookies gives us the idea that which feature on our website is popular and user love to use it. You may decline our cookies , if your browser gives you that option, but than you will not be able to access some part of our website.


Please make sure that if you are sharing any information to any other site you are visiting on internet, there terms and conditions may differ from ours. We would suggest you to investigate and put your queries before sharing any personal information to third parties.


Though the privacy of our customers is of prime importance for us, but any assurance that all your private and individual communications and any other recognizable information will not be revealed to third party platforms. For example, in an event of government interruption we may disclose your individual information to government or any third party platforms under any given certain circumstances. Additionally, in any of the event we need to resolve or investigate any possibly problems or any sort of inquiries, we can reveal information about customers to the private independent existing units, law reinforcement, or any other government officials as stated in the law or appropriate procedure.


Industry standardized efforts are used to safeguard and protect the confidentiality of customer’s individual information, like firewalls and secured layers as appropriate. However, there is no such term as the perfect security on internet.


To enhance the experience of our users to avail our services we may alter,change, modify, move, or exclude portions on our online portal at any given time. However, any such changes made on the website will be notified to the users at earliest as possible.


Notice in written will be posted on our online portal regarding any type of modifications made in the Privacy Policy at the earliest. Your continued usage of our website and services followed by any of such alterations accounts your agreement to abide and be bounded by the terms as modified


By giving us your contact number, you provide us the permission to contact you in the response to your request, even if the phone number you provided to us is in the registry or list of Do not call or disturb. Our sole aim is to safeguard your privacy and it is of utmost importance to us. We never trade, sell or share any individual information with any type third party platform or organization, and you will be contacted by only one of our given associates in the response.

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