Diet for Stress

You may not be aware of the fact that some foods cause stress. Similarly, there are other foods that reduce stress. A low stress or stress-free life includes maintaining a healthy diet.   Many packaged foods contain stimulants which may cause stress. When you are feeling stressed out, you tend to consume the very foods that cause stress! Some such foods are coffee, tea, colas and chocolates. Caffeine increases stress levels by stimulating the central nervous system. Excess intake of caffeine will cause irritation and stress. Consumption of alcohol in large amounts interferes with sleep. It can create interpersonal problems with family and friends. This creates reasons for stress. Sugar quickly increases the energy in our body, but the ultimate effect is negative. Our body handles sugar by releasing insulin into our blood stream to counter higher blood sugar levels.   There are also some foods which can help us control stress. Your nutritionist at helps you lower stress via food. Once your custom meal plan is ready, she will also explain cooking methods, such as not cooking foods at very high temperatures or deep frying, adding excessive salt, and avoiding food colors and preservatives.

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