Corporate Wellness Programs

Developed countries are well known about the concept of corporate wellness. They know that the health, happiness and productivity are interlinked with each other.

Idietitian has been working on this concept since long. It has an expert team that cares about the well being and fitness of the people. It has served over thousands of satisfied customers and reaching million others around the world. We work as per the requirement of the customer and make a successive plan for him. This plan keeps the customer engaged for his health and fitness.

We are also providing you various web and mobile based health applications. Our wellness programs have following features:

  1. Programs are practical and easily accessible.
  2. It keeps the environment health conscious.
  3. It makes the Wellness- a part of company.

Creation of these corporate wellness programs is very beneficial for the employees as most of his time is spent at the workplace. The program helps you in various problems like smoking cessation, weight loss and obesity prevention, diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol management.

We have many other employee wellness solutions like healthy diet plans, weight loss therapies or a consultant help. Access our weight loss programs if you want to lose weight and keep you fit.

If you want any further information, then you can contact us any time. You will get the solution to all your health related problems.

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Idietitian Diet Plans

1 Month
Monthly Rs. 3,500

Starter Pack

3 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,833

Booster Pack

6 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,500

Premium Pack

12 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,333

Platinum Pack

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