How much weight can I expect to lose? It totally depends on the individual’s lifestyle. His adherence to the diet plan’s guidelines, his surroundings etc. But if an individual adopts the plan into his lifestyle, weight loss will eventually begin.

How long does this program take? It depends on your weight and how much you want to reduce. It also depends on your lifestyle and your surroundings and what kind type of a diet plan you opted to follow. It also depends on your capacity to follow the diet plan that you have chosen. Each and every case is different from one another.

How much weight can I expect to lose weight in one month? We never encourage any individual to start expecting huge results in the very first month. First month’s result may differ vastly from other month’s results. Depending on the stage of a weight loss program, weight reduction will move in the correct direction.

I can’t starve myself. Will I be able to follow this program? Our specially made diet plans are easy to follow and you do not have to suppress your hunger pangs. Our programs are made in a way that everyone will remain full and healthy throughout the day.

What type of diet do you give? Our diet plans can easily be followed with the regular food that one eats at home. All kinds of vegetables, fruits, eggs, pulses etc are allowed in our diet plans. Our programs are individualized and we encourage our every client to follow different food combinations.

I have a sweet tooth. How will you be able to help me reduce weight? All the issues leading to the sugar cravings are easily handled in our diet plans and once you start to follow the plan, your body will eventually learn to handle the cravings for sweets.

Do we have to eliminate some foods permanently from meals? Until and unless any food provides any kind of harm to the body or does not help much in the reduction of total weight, is eliminated. Otherwise, we do not encourage any food elimination.

How will this program affect my health? Our main aim is to improve your health. By following our diet plans, your health will improve that will eventually lead to weight loss.

How many calories diet plan you prescribe? We keep our distance from calorie counting as we only focus on right and healthy eating. By following our program, the amount of calorie intake is maintained and you will not even notice it.

I travel a lot. Can I follow your diet plan? Our weight loss plans take into account all your travels. Domestic or International, whatever is your travel choice, we always make sure to provide you a variety of options so that you can easily follow the diet and also enjoy different cuisines.

Will I reduce some weight even if I follow 70% of the program? It has been observed that a client is not able to follow 100% of the diet programs that are offered to him. Whatever the reason is, you will still reduce weight if you could not follow 100% of the diet plan. Though the pace of weight reduction may vary from client to client.

Will I gain all this lost weight back? Here, we always encourage healthy weight loss. We do not encourage starving to lose weight. Instead, we guide you to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will help you lose weight and weight maintenance become easier even after the program is over.

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