Menopausal Diet

Menopause is a stage which occurs in every woman’s life and it’s a very normal and natural event. It is a stage in which the menstrual period can be defined as the final menstrual period and usually confirmed when a woman has missed her periods for 12 consecutive months (in the absence of other obvious causes).   When a woman is undergoing menopause, estrogen levels decrease dramatically which leads to hormonal imbalance. When hormones are not secreted in proper amount or manner many problems occur. These could be frequent mood swings, osteoporosis, depression, stress, heart disease, increased breast cancer risk, sugar or salt cravings, less bone density, sleeping disorder, weight gain, slow metabolism etc. Many of these problems can be moderated with the help of a good diet plan. Nutritional requirement also changes because of the physical and medical condition of a menopausal lady. For example calcium requirement is increased due to weak bone density.   The Idietitian diet plan can help you cope better with changes brought about by menopause including weight gain, stress and any other emotional problems.

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