The Snacking Episode

The word snacking brings chips, fried and canned food to your mind, in other words you tend to picturize snacking as eating unhealthy food that can take a toll on your weight and life in general. But you can turn snacking in between meals to a healthy thing by carefully choosing what you are nibbling at. When healthy snacking is encouraged it can contribute positively to weight loss. A healthy snack will keep you mentally satisfied before your next meal. While diving for some snacks keep the following in mind.

  • Eating every three to four hours can regularize blood sugar, boosting your metabolism. Frequent eating in small portions can have a positive psychological effect on your mind.

  • Having breakfast early in the morning can initiate a healthy start of your day. Followed by a pre-lunch snacking with fruits.

  • If you are looking at a daytime snack then include protein, carbohydrate and calories in it so that you get enough time throughout the day to burn it.

  • If you are snacking at home then serve it in a plate or bowl and for work you can carry small containers this will help you to look at the amount of food you are consuming. Eating out of bag or boxes can often lead to extra consumption of calories affecting your weight as well as main meal.

  • It is essential to enjoy the food you are eating. Focus on its color, texture, and aroma so that your mind reads the information that your tummy is full.

  • Replace your habit of munching on cookies or chips with a healthier version of tart like custard with apple.

  • Plan your in between snacks well so that you do not end up getting unhealthy food in a hurry just to tame your tummy.


Let’s now take a quick look at what all snacks we can depend on to keep our weight under control while still indulging in the appetite.

  • Non fat yogurt with a teaspoon of honey and any fruit can be an awesome choice especially in summers.

  • Sprouts chaat with tomatoes and cucumber can add roughage to your diet.

  • A cup of hot chocolate made of cocoa, honey and skimmed milk will not only fill your tummy but also satiate your mind.

  • Green apple with almond and peanut butter.

  • Dried cherries and roasted nuts.

  • Boiled egg is high in nutrition.

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