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Join the membership of Idietitian that works for the better health services of customers. It spends time on research and uses that experience to assist the health policies and major heath challenges. When we discuss about the wellness then before that we should have full knowledge about our health. Idietitian is a website and a key source that helps you to take an appropriate decision about your health.

This is the fact that some people have better healthier choices than others and live a healthy lifestyle. The reason is that they know what to eat and what to do and at what time. They make their choice by considering and comparing the benefits of healthy life and a painful or sick life.

As your well wisher, we open a door for you where you get the information about how your body works and how to take care of it. You will gain many benefits if you become our member.

Benefits of being our member:

  • 1. Discover a right way to live a long and healthy wealthy life.
  • 2. Look into you, what you are made of.
  • 3. Start living a healthy lifestyle.
  • 4. Save your money and time as well.
  • 5. Access free subscription to health related Newsletters.

Our membership is very easy and would be surely beneficial for you. You will also get many discounts and offers as our member. Become our member and directly contact our dietitian personally. Gain more information about the health net benefits.

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Monthly Rs. 3,500

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Monthly Rs. 2,833

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Monthly Rs. 2,500

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12 Month
Monthly Rs. 2,333

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