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5 Health Benefits Of Honey

“No bees, no honey: No work, no money”! Honey and money rhyme together, yippee! But this blog isn’t about the poetic relevance of these (fascinating) words. Rather we are focusing on health benefits of honey. Now you must be thinking, why have we dragged money into this? Was it to get your attention (money can … Continue reading "5 Health Benefits Of Honey"

10 Foods that Help Soothe Sore Throats

Whether its rainy season, winters or a mere change of weather; a sore throat can attack you any time. We have all been through that stage where we are unable to even swallow solid foods and have to thrive on a liquid diet. That pain and irritation is enough to turn you into a screeching … Continue reading "10 Foods that Help Soothe Sore Throats"

Celeb Detox Diets To Be Avoided

“Detox Diets, the ultimate healthy diets to loose weight fast and in a healthy way.” That is what we hear about these diets, but this is not so! “Detox”, if we break the word, de-tox which means devoid of toxins. These diets aid the process of removal of toxins from your body! In ancient India, … Continue reading "Celeb Detox Diets To Be Avoided"

Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy – 5 Care Giving Tips

Every day is precious, Each moment is divine. Cherish your loved ones forever in time. – Mark. J Peltier- Robson Great health plays vital role in living successful aging. The chances of developing many serious diseases that become more vulnerable as you age, so to reduce or to control them, we should always eat healthy … Continue reading "Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy – 5 Care Giving Tips"

Diet Tips: How To Deal With Summer Bloating

It is a common trouble among many to have bloating stomach in the summer season. This is due to the reason that in summers we tend to incline towards more of fluid consumption which may lead to water retention, and also because of the formation of gas as we tend to avoid eating steaming hot … Continue reading "Diet Tips: How To Deal With Summer Bloating"

Importance of Adding Fruit to Our Diet

The fuel to healthier and active routine, fruits are a sure catalyst in making you fitter and fresher than ever before. Daily consumption of fresh fruits can benefit us in more than one way. While having them as mid-meal snacks is convenient and quick, fruits are a tastier substitute to the veggy salads, you can … Continue reading "Importance of Adding Fruit to Our Diet"

Diet & Personality – Your Blood Type Tells it All

Health is like MONEY, we never have a true idea of its value until we LOOSE IT- Josh Billing Are you having a feeling that after eating healthy food, regular exercise and choosing stairs instead of lift, You are still plagued by midday lethargy, indigestion and unable to loose weight? Then you might want to … Continue reading "Diet & Personality – Your Blood Type Tells it All"

Start Dieting With A Right Diet Plan

It has been observed from long time that proper diet and regular exercise are keys for a fit and healthy body. It also keeps your weight balanced with your age and height. To become a doctor of your body you need to know what to eat and how much of it. Skipping food does not … Continue reading "Start Dieting With A Right Diet Plan"

Diet For potency

Improving Potency by Natural Means There have been instances of people complaining of low sex drive. A minor change in the food intake can bring great changes in the intercourse situation of the body. It is not necessary to treat these synthetically. Natural food products can also prove to be a great help. A particular … Continue reading "Diet For potency"

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