Importance of Adding Fruit to Our Diet

The fuel to healthier and active routine, fruits are a sure catalyst in making you fitter and fresher than ever before.

Daily consumption of fresh fruits can benefit us in more than one way. While having them as mid-meal snacks is convenient and quick, fruits are a tastier substitute to the veggy salads, you can simply grab them raw, and best part- they are 80% water... And do we not know how crucial is water consumption for a healthy me, and a healthy you??


Therefore, needless to question the need of adding fruits to your daily diet meal plans. However, some specific details of how fruits can pleasantly add to the well being of your body and mind, can become a great impetuous to push you to bring bags full of fresh fruits each day to your homes:

-Fruits help in stimulating memory, says medical studies. It has been observed that those who have a regular intake of fruits tend to have better retention power and also recall stuff easier. It has also been proven that increasing fruit intake can greatly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as well.

-Fruit consumption helps in resolving problems like constipation/diarrhea as well as cramps in the abdomen. It is due to the roughage that the fruits contain (especially those with edible peel) that a diet rich in fruits keeps your bowel movements easy.

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- Also, fruits are not too expensive. You may think otherwise, but then think for a minute on how much does it cost to buy a packet of junk potato chips, and then how much a healthier alternative like a banana or a ripe mango would have cost. Fruits are no doubt the affordable snacking options.

-What can be as easy as apple or a pear or a cherry to grab and eat. No cooking, no heating, simply put- no preparations before popping into your mouth. Fruits are the most natural food item.

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-Stronger immunity- that’s what you get by eating fruits on a regular basis. Fruits are loaded with nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber. They therefore contribute in building up a strong immune system, which helps in preventing chronic illness, skin ailments, aging and other health issues.

-Fruits contain very less fattening nutrients, and are also low in sodium and cholesterol. They are thus proven to keeping health ailments at bay. Fruits are therefore an important component of healthy diet for heart patients. Also, those who are free from any such issue now, can continue the healthy run by lowering risk of meeting stroke or other heart diseases by keeping up a fruit-rich diet.

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