5 Health Benefits Of Honey

“No bees, no honey: No work, no money”! Honey and money rhyme together, yippee! But this blog isn't about the poetic relevance of these (fascinating) words. Rather we are focusing on health benefits of honey. Now you must be thinking, why have we dragged money into this? Was it to get your attention (money can be a great bait) or we are selling it to you? We have a negative answer to both of these. Doesn’t multiple usage of a single product means value for money? Ya you caught us there! Let’s not brag about how much you’ll save on it financially but focus on the health aspect. After all that’s what we do at!


More Blood:

Sounds strange eh? Drinking a mixture of honey in tepid water can increase the RBC count, (Red Blood Cells) and cure you from anemia! This mixture will also increase oxygen carrying capacity of your blood, which in turn will prevent breathlessness and fatigue. Women can relate to these symptoms better (subscription to monthly blood shed) so fetch some honey, honey!

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Safer than Sugar:

Haven’t we all heard about the cons of consuming white sugar? Honey is a substitute to sugar and has lesser complex sugars. Sparing you the technical jargon, we will reduce it to saying that honey is nothing less than sugar in sweetness. Plus, it maintains your blood sugar levels without posing a threat to your health!

Antibacterial Properties:

Honey has its share of homage in antibacterial treatment. It strengthens your system to fight against any bacterial attack by creating antibodies. Also rich in anti-oxidants, this sweetness instilled food has other benefits as well. Honey boasts of its ability to heal wounds and guess what! We have studies to back that up!


Aids Digestion:

Constipation, gas, bloating; a nightmare for us all! Honey is your fairy godmother who will wave its magic wand and Presto! You are free from these dreaded stomach issues. It is said to contain “good” bacteria which is a best friend to your gut. Dealing with allergies and building on the immune system are the added advantages.


Healthy Scalp:

This thing was already proving to be a wonder wand, solving problems and now this! Dandruff, scaling, hair-fall; a shudder runs down our spine on hearing these dreadful words. And if you are a woman, you’ll have sleepless nights as a bonus! Applying honey on your problem areas, 2-3 times a week is certainly worth the effort! Studies have proved that people suffering from hair-fall and seborrheic dermatitis have shown improvement by its regular application. What more, 6 month dedication can prevent relapse!

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Haven’t we heard about the witch’s magic portion, doing wonders (for her)! Well, our very own honey is nothing less than a magic potion. The only difference being, its not gonna hurt others! Facing any of the above malady? Honey is where your therapeutic solace lies! What are you waiting for, go grab some honey!

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