10 Foods that Help Soothe Sore Throats

Whether its rainy season, winters or a mere change of weather; a sore throat can attack you any time. We have all been through that stage where we are unable to even swallow solid foods and have to thrive on a liquid diet. That pain and irritation is enough to turn you into a screeching monster! Those medicines might not suit everyone. For some, it just elevates the soreness of the throat and leave you in misery. What to do? Gargling might take forever to tame that raging pain in the throat. Is there an option to treat sore throat fast? Certainly! Here is a list of foods that can prove to be helpful to soothe your sore throat.

Licorice Root


Since ages, licorice is said to cure sore throat and stomach problems. Recent studies suggest that licorice root mixed with water to form a gargle solution can help to heal sore throat. Did you know that a study conducted in 2009 stated that it can lessen coughing after surgery?



A herb used to flavor soups and other dishes has other uses as well. It is said to provide relief in case of a sore throat. For centuries it has been used to curb all sorts of physical discomfort. It is a one man army, all you gotta do is sprinkle some dried sage in your chicken soup and you are all good!

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Ice Cream


This one is sure to surprise you! We have all heard that dairy products will increase mucus production so they are generally kept at bay. But don’t you remember the time when you were gorging on this treat after getting your tonsils removed? Cold things help soothe the burning sensation and the creaminess will only add to this relief. Yea, we have got another reason to gulp down this favorite dessert. Did we need any reason, not me!


Bunch of bananas

The smooth texture of this food easily makes its way down a sore throat. So at least no hassle in swallowing it and then it is very fulfilling. Aching stomach sorted. But in addition bananas are perfect to revive your ailing body due to presence of vitamin C. So guys you can gobble a few bananas for that burning passage!



It is used as a mouth freshener we all know that but has anyone heard about its healing properties? It contains menthol that is known to soothe aching throat in addition to reducing mucus! Studies show that peppermint is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral, so it is bound to ensure a speedy healing!



This must be the first tip that came out of your granny’s bag of magic tricks! Honey has always been used to soothe a sore throat, though after medicinal revolution its importance was lost. But it is as effective as your antibiotics so isn't it way better to go for a tastier cure!



Another trick of the oldies is worth considering, ‘tea for sore throat’. Be it black or green, with a dash of ginger or chamomile is sure to wave its magic on reducing inflammation. You’ve always used this recipe to burst stress and increase focus; its time to increase its applicability! Take this every day beverage’s services to cure yourself of the pain!

Marshmallow Root


The mere mention of this word brings back memories of yummy milk shakes and desserts. But no, those bucket full of sweetness are not your cure. Instead marshmallow roots when boiled in water to form a tea is what is going to bring comfort to that sore throat of yours.

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They are a good source of vitamin A, haven't we all read that in our secondary? On that note, what does vitamin A do to us? Boasts our immune system, true. Our immunity is low when we are down with cold or bad throat. Cook your carrots, no not fry, go for a roasted or steamed variety to give an extra kick to your immune system!



A major ingredient in noodles, manchurian and spring rolls is seen restricted to the fast food industry. But it might surprise you to know that cabbage can help heal sore throat. Cook it in olive oil using turmeric (an antiseptic) to reduce throat inflammation!

Now you know that salt water gargles are not your only option against antibiotics. You can naturally get rid of that burning sensation in your throat by using any of these simple home remedies. The ‘no side effect’ way is the ‘IN’ thing these days. You can opt for a healthy diet plan to prevent any such ailments. We will be back with more such tips till then stay healthy!

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