Diet Tips: How To Deal With Summer Bloating

It is a common trouble among many to have bloating stomach in the summer season. This is due to the reason that in summers we tend to incline towards more of fluid consumption which may lead to water retention, and also because of the formation of gas as we tend to avoid eating steaming hot food in the scorching summer heat.

Bloating, which is a condition where one feels as if the belly has blown up like a balloon, is not just an extremely uncomfortable situation but can also be painful at times. So, to deal with this fussy problem of our tummy, today in our post we discuss some healthy diet tips to ease your summer bloating:

- It is important to keep yourself hydrated because the lack of it may expose you to the risk of heat stroke and lead you to faint when you step out in the sun.

- Indian refreshing drinks like dahi (yogurt), lassi (buttermilk), aam panna etc. are cool fluids that not just help with your hunger pangs but sooth the stomach as well.

- Increasing the amount of calcium in your diet can help you avoid fluid retention. Similarly, magnesium is another mineral that helps in significantly reduce the bloating symptoms.

- When resting, raise your feet up to improve circulation as well as ease the water retention.

- During summers, eatables get spoilt soon. Eating stale food can result in gastroenteritis and thus one must check before consuming pre-cooked food.

- Keeping empty stomach can easily lead to gas and acidity, so make sure you do eat at regular intervals to avoid stomach bloating.

- Stress can be attributed as another significant reason of stomach pitfalls. Therefore, take a break and relax to avoid the misery a bloated stomach can cause.

- Replace the fizzy cola drinks with plain water. The logic is quite easy, carbon dioxide taken in is undeniably going to harm your insides. Bloating is one of the ways.

- Constipation can contribute to a bloating belly. It is thus advised that one increases the amount of fiber in their diet, as well as drink plenty of water to keep your bowel movements trouble-free.

- Peppermint tea, ginger and probiotic drinks are known for their anti-bloating properties. So, even if you don’t generally suffer a bloating stomach, including these in your diet in summer wouldn’t harm.

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