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Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

Very thin people can also get rigid belly fat, which creates constrain to put on the right clothes since the belly is larger than the body structure. It can be very embarrassing as well. Let’s tone up the belly to enhance confidence and fitness that you will love to experience. Firstly, we need to understand … Continue reading "Getting Rid Of Belly Fat"

Lemony Lime

Lemon belongs to the citrus family which can refresh you in a jiffy, releasing you from stress, tiredness and heat. It is rich in vitamins c that rejuvenates skin from within and make your skin look young, bright and beautiful. Also it strengthens your immunity to fight common cold and flu and infections due to … Continue reading "Lemony Lime"

Crunchy Cucumber

Cucumber belongs to the melon family which makes 95% of its content as water and the rest as roughage. Cucumber can help you stay hydrated in a hot summer day and aid you to fight both inside and outside heat. It works as a detoxificant by reducing the toxin content of the body. It is … Continue reading "Crunchy Cucumber"

Garlic Magic

Garlic is commonly used in almost every kitchen to spice up any food. However, garlic has some beneficial food value if cooked or eaten raw. It contains high level of allicin which reduce hair fall. Allicin has anti bacterial or anti fungal characteristic which help to treat common acne problems. It also prevents and treats … Continue reading "Garlic Magic"

The Best Of Broccoli

Broccoli has its root in Italy and it belongs to the cauliflower family. It has a fibrous and crunch taste and come in dark green to purplish green color with unique health benefits which can affect you positively. It can even go to the extent of preventing cancer. Steam cooked broccoli provides enough roughage to … Continue reading "The Best Of Broccoli"

Reduce Weight In A Fruity Way

It can be very strenuous to absorb criticism on fitness from a close friend or family. A person often gets bogged down from such disapproval and goes through emotional turbulence. Let us accept the fact that we all love to look good and gracious, a well toned body is an icing on the cake. So, … Continue reading "Reduce Weight In A Fruity Way"

Adapt a Healthy Living and Fight with Child Obesity

Obesity has become an epidemic nowadays. Due to the changing lifestyle, there is an increase in the number of obese people around us. Not only the adults but the teenagers are also fighting with the same problem. As a consequence of unhealthy eating habits, children are finding it difficult to maintain their weight. Due to … Continue reading "Adapt a Healthy Living and Fight with Child Obesity"


Oat Bran, Rice Bran, Wheat Bran Bran is one the healthiest items you can add to your food. Bran is the outer layer or husk of grains such as oat, rice and wheat. We have been in the habit of discarding this outer layer during the milling process in the past. Bran contains dietary fiber … Continue reading "Bran"

The Miracle Drink

Green tea is said to have many health benefits. The Chinese have known about the medicinalbenefits of green tea for thousands of years. You too can benefit from the goodness of green tea by substituting your cup of regular tea or coffee with a cup of this miracle drink. Green tea is said to increase … Continue reading "The Miracle Drink"

Why Idietitian?

With the online diet plans we at Idietitian prepare for you, you can lose weight the easy and healthy way. We prepare our Weight Loss Diet keeping in mind about our customer’s medical history and body type. We will prepare easy diet plans for you and our diet recipes are easy to cook in Indian … Continue reading "Why Idietitian?"

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