Garlic Magic

Garlic is commonly used in almost every kitchen to spice up any food. However, garlic has some beneficial food value if cooked or eaten raw. It contains high level of allicin which reduce hair fall. Allicin has anti bacterial or anti fungal characteristic which help to treat common acne problems. It also prevents and treats cold. Garlic is well known for its anti-oxidant property which creates a positive impact on blood circulation and boosts digestion and immunity. It also helps those who have blood pressure related problems. The anti-clotting property of garlic eases the flow of blood vessels. It is an excellent detoxificant. Fresh garlic when eaten in raw form kills E.Coli bacteria. Researches these days come up with a home remedy for obesity. A clove of garlic when eaten at the start of the day in empty stomach can help to reduce body fat hence contributing positively in shedding weight. So, if a clove of garlic per day can give you so much in terms of health then why not give it a try.


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