Oat Bran, Rice Bran, Wheat Bran Bran is one the healthiest items you can add to your food. Bran is the outer layer or husk of grains such as oat, rice and wheat. We have been in the habit of discarding this outer layer during the milling process in the past. Bran contains dietary fiber and is also rich in omegas, starch, protein, vitamins and dietary minerals. These types of bran alone will make an enormously beneficial impact on your diet. Bran rich diets have consistently demonstrated great health benefits such as lower cholesterol, healthier hearts and improved digestion. High fiber diets also aid in eliminating toxins from your system and help cleanse your system. What’s more, it’s amazingly easy to include bran your diet. Include a bran rich breakfast cereal, switch to brown rice and substitute whole wheat flour for regular flour.

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