Month: May 2016

Delicious Almond- Pumpkin Pancakes

Ingredients 4 Large Eggs 1/4 Cup Almond Flour 1/4 Whole Grain Soy Flour 1tsp Backing Powder 1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice 1/4 cup Large Curd Cream Cottage Cheese 1/2 Pumpkin (without salt ,canned) Preparation Method Take a medium bowl, add almond flour, soy flour,backing powder and pumpkin pie spice and mix well. Make puree of … Continue reading "Delicious Almond- Pumpkin Pancakes"

Diet & Personality – Your Blood Type Tells it All

Health is like MONEY, we never have a true idea of its value until we LOOSE IT- Josh Billing Are you having a feeling that after eating healthy food, regular exercise and choosing stairs instead of lift, You are still plagued by midday lethargy, indigestion and unable to loose weight? Then you might want to … Continue reading "Diet & Personality – Your Blood Type Tells it All"

Broccoli with lemon butter sauce

Broccoli has a strong and positive impact on your body. It has an ability to improve your cholesterol, helps you fighting from cancer, improves bones health and digestive system and protects you from chronic diseases. It also detoxify Therefore adding broccoli in your daily diet is a must. Try to search some low fat diet … Continue reading "Broccoli with lemon butter sauce"

Tips to Successfully Implement a Corporate Wellness Program

“Your health is your most priceless possession, so take care of it.” In today’s immensely competitive world, everybody is running for success and leaving behind the most important asset to achieve that success i.e. Health. Many companies are facing employee’s low productivity due to absenteeism caused by chronic diseases. As employees spend maximum amount of … Continue reading "Tips to Successfully Implement a Corporate Wellness Program"

Oats Egg Omelette for Diabetes Patient

Diabetes patient needs a breakfast which are rich in protein and keep their tummy full for long hours. Its a very simple diabetes diet recipe, which can be cooked in just few minutes. All you need is a good amount of chopped veggies, eggs or egg whites and oats.   Its not just for a … Continue reading "Oats Egg Omelette for Diabetes Patient"

10 Easy Steps to get Flawless Glowing Skin

We all love to look great, we can’t live without our moisturizer, we choose the best lipstick color, we apply best mousse but what we lack is taking care of our skin from within. Every person dreams of getting that perfect flawless glowing skin and simultaneously have a nightmare of experience pimples, zits, dark spots, … Continue reading "10 Easy Steps to get Flawless Glowing Skin"

7 Health Benefits Of Folic Acid

Most people would have heard the importance of consuming folic acid during pregnancy in order to prevent birth defects in the developing fetus inside the mother’s womb. However, this B vitamin is not just benefiting to pregnant women. Folic acid is a crucial nutrient, required by men and women of all ages, and has multiple … Continue reading "7 Health Benefits Of Folic Acid"

Mediterranean Eggplant & Chicken

Ingredients Eggplants- 3 Olive Oil- 3 tbsp Boneless Chicken Breasts- 6 (skinless) Onion- 1 (diced) Tomato paste- 2 tbsp Water- Half a cup Dried Oregano- 2 tsp Salt & Pepper to taste Directions Peel and slice the eggplants keeping the slices about ½ inch. Slice the chicken breasts laterally into half and then dice them. … Continue reading "Mediterranean Eggplant & Chicken"

Refreshing Raspberry Delight

If you are looking out for a new drink to boost your fat burning efforts and are bored of the lemon beverages everyone suggests, then try out this unique Raspberry Delight. A tasty way of increasing your metabolic rate. It’s a splash of health and hope to include in your weight loss meal plans now. … Continue reading "Refreshing Raspberry Delight"

Beetroot and Pomegranate Juice

Beetroot and Pomegranate are rich in anti oxidants and also aids in blood pressure reduction. You can easily enjoy this cool, healthy and refreshing juice as a evening drink or an after school snack for kids. Ingredients Beetroot – 1 medium sized Lemon juice – 1 tbsp Pomegranate – 1 Sugar/ Honey – 2-3 tbsp … Continue reading "Beetroot and Pomegranate Juice"

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