Tips to Successfully Implement a Corporate Wellness Program

“Your health is your most priceless possession, so take care of it.”

In today's immensely competitive world, everybody is running for success and leaving behind the most important asset to achieve that success i.e. Health. Many companies are facing employee’s low productivity due to absenteeism caused by chronic diseases. As employees spend maximum amount of time at work, workplace becomes the most important location for prevention strategies. The high increase of chronic diseases can be prevented through a proper combination of healthy eating, physical activity and improving personal well being.

These days we can observe that Corporate Wellness Programs India at workplace are being implemented by employers. As employees don’t get time after work to even take a look at their health. The idea of implementing corporate wellness plan is to give employees the opportunity to share and receive various health information. The main keys to create a successful wellness program are motivation, engagement, support and strategy. Employees involvement is the foremost key for a successful wellness program. Always remember to take suggestions from employees about what benefits they want to include in wellness program.

If wellness is done with employees and not to employees then the effect will last for a long time. To increase employees engagement try to give them the feel of ownership and a promise of full management support. Many companies feel that rewarding employees with gym membership card is a best way to promote corporate wellness program but they forget that this deal is not beneficial for unmotivated employees.

Now you must be thinking that what your wellness program should include? Here are some essential factors which are necessary to get results.

Great success

A great amount of awareness is essential to succeed:

Due to high stress, longer working days and consistent multitasking, there is no time to act on wellness goals. As majority of employees spent maximum time at workplace, therefore, creating an on-site wellness program is a perfect solution.

Highlight that 75% of chronic diseases are preventable:

Actionable steps to halt progression is the only way to prevent diseases. You cannot expect to change old habits overnight, therefore, mental, social and emotional commitment is the only way the progress is possible. Corporate wellness program need to be address through regular education and layers of accountability.

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Be creative :

Try to challenge your program to stay on latest trends. Corporate program should not be boring. It should be creative, uncommon and productive that steadily evolve over time and that will ensure the possibility of long term success. Humans most of the time gets bored easily, so they need change frequently. Try to add new trends that attract employees and increase their involvement.


Corporate wellness is a complicated, long-term play:

A unique strategy is the key of successful corporate wellness. A frame work that involves short and long term goals for employee and employers is the best way to get engage in the program. Commitment, support and leadership from employer and employees is the need of corporate wellness. It include layers of physical activity, education, communication, incentives and long time commitment.

Get ready to change your company’s corporate culture now. Take the initial step to become healthy as an employee, employer and as a whole.

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