10 Easy Steps to get Flawless Glowing Skin

We all love to look great, we can’t live without our moisturizer, we choose the best lipstick color, we apply best mousse but what we lack is taking care of our skin from within. Every person dreams of getting that perfect flawless glowing skin and simultaneously have a nightmare of experience pimples, zits, dark spots, baggy eyes or dark circles. Different skin have different problems associated with it and which need to be treated differently. The early you start taking care of your skin the best results you receive. Your skin needs a daily nourishment and care, if it gets it in routine, trust me you are going to experience a drastic change in your skin and will cherish it forever. Here are some tips which are natural and will not only give a glowing skin but also a healthy skin.

Rich fiber nutritious diet

nutritious diet

Healthy food offers glowing skin. Everything you eat affects your health. Intake of the right amount of micro-nutrients and vitamins will keep your skin glowing for ages. You should select food for glowing skin very carefully-natural protein food like fish, nuts, white meat, grains like brown rice and quinoa and vegetables like broccoli, tomato and beet are very good and healthy for skin.

Drink an extra glass of water

Glass of water

As we know water helps to clear the toxins that is a major cause of inflammation and blemishes. Drinking water and juices have many health benefits and is one of the most easiest and essential point which will naturally bring a glow. 15% of our skin is made up of water and drinking at least 2 liter per day enhances the brightness and boosts the immune system. It hydrates the body and remove extra oil and dirt from the skin, which automatically results into a clear skin.

Apply Sunscreen daily


Sun reflects the UV rays which are quite strong and they damage the skin texture. So the simplest way to get rid from UV rays is to apply sunscreen with SPF daily and protect your skin from getting harsh and dull.

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Hydrate you skin

Hydrate your skin

Sun damage is not the only factor which damage your skin. Small micro particles from air pollutants might have just entered in your skin. Always remember to cleanse your face twice a day to remove those micro particles that could weaken your skin. Use cold water to cleanse your face as warm water allows bacteria and dirt to enter your skin by opening the pores. Cold water closes the pores and prevent foreign material from entering into your skin, which leads to clear and glowing skin.

Prevention from pimple

pimple prevention

Stop popping your pimple. Every time you pop the pimple it results in redness, inflammation and distress to the skin. Always remember one thing before popping your pimple- pimple will stay for three or four days, but the scars will remain for a lifetime. Don’t touch your face again and again and let your skin breathe. The day you keep your hand off your face is the day your pimple will disappear.



The best answer for every skincare problem is Exfoliation. We mostly concentrate on cleansing, toning and moisturizing our skin but we complete ignore exfoliating it. The best solution of getting rid of dead skin cells by experts is to exfoliate your skin and attain the glowing skin you always wanted. There are some natural ingredients like Bengal gram flour, aots, orange peel off or lentil powder which helps in removing the dead cells, dust, impurities and blackheads from the skin and give you the perfect smooth and flawless skin.

Use a Toner

Making use of a toner is suggested after you cleanse your skin. Toner restores the skin’s pH balance and repair substances like antioxidants, fatty acid and glycerin to the skin which provide a smoother and younger appearance of skin. Always try to use an alcohol-free toner which will not harm your skin and prevent it from drying. Toner is the important part of skin care because it provides deep cleansing and close the pores which enhances natural radiance.

Cleanse your make-up

remove makeup

Important part of modern woman’s beauty regime is Make up. It is the best way to look glamorous and radiant during parties and events but it often includes harsh chemicals that harm the skin and attract dirt causing pimples and acne. So it is very important to remove makeup thoroughly from the skin, lips and eyes, no matter how tired or worn out you are.

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Regular workout routine


We always consider regular workout will benefit in losing weight and maintaining fitness, but it also gives you a glowing skin. So log a few hours a week getting sweaty and see the difference. Activities like indoor aerobics, dancing, cycling, skipping, running, walking increases blood flow to the skin cells and helps in carrying away waste products from the cells. Exercise every day will flush out the toxins and reduces stress in the body. If you really want to get rid of acne and dull skin then you need to add exercise in your daily routine.

Add Vitamin C in your diet


Vitamin C is the most important vitamin for healthy and flawless skin. It is a best source for enhancing the complexion and preventing skin aging.  Some of the best source of Vitamin C are blackcurrant, broccoli, guava, kiwi, grapes, strawberry etc. You can also consume Vitamin C in the form of supplements and capsules. For a better transport of the nutrients into your skin, you should start consuming Vitamin C.

In today’s busy Era it is very important to take care of your health and get enough amount of rest. By following these tips you can experience an astonishing change in your skin. So keep in mind take best diet for glowing skin and take care of your face daily. A perfect mantra for keeping your skin healthy and glowing is to stay fit. Be fresh and take care of yourself!

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