Month: May 2015

Vegetarian Diet to Manage Diabetes

I have personally come across many type-2 diabetic patients or know people that suffer from this disease and are willing to do almost anything for it. One of the things that patients of diabetes can do is change their diet. A vegetarian diet to manage diabetes has proven to give great results and many people … Continue reading "Vegetarian Diet to Manage Diabetes"

Try a Protein Rich Weight Loss Diet Plan for Effective Results

These days, there are many weight loss diet plans that are being recommended over the internet that aim to help you see quick results. But it is not all that easy because every individual is unique and hence the results may take some time to show for some more than others. Hence a weight loss … Continue reading "Try a Protein Rich Weight Loss Diet Plan for Effective Results"

Healthy Diet for Stress Relieving

We face many kinds of stressful elements in our daily life, be it at work or home; hence it becomes very important to really relieve all the stress that builds up. Otherwise the pent-up stress will have many adverse effects on our physical and mental health. There are many things that one can do to … Continue reading "Healthy Diet for Stress Relieving"

Eat Healthy For A Healthier You

There is not a single person that would not like to lead a healthy life. But this is only possible if you have balanced diet for optimum health. In-fact many of us have thought about starting a healthy diet with a proper eating regime that consists of meals that are in tune with the health … Continue reading "Eat Healthy For A Healthier You"

Corn, The Special Food

Summer is the time for fresh sweet corn to flood the market. Corn can be considered both vegetable and grain. When eaten fresh and in kernel form, it falls under the vegetable category while these kernels when dried and roasted into popcorns fall under the grain category. Corn is believed to have extreme nutritional benefits. … Continue reading "Corn, The Special Food"

Mushroom Mania

Since time immemorial, mushrooms have proved beneficial to human health. This vegetable is low in calories and sodium. It is fat and cholesterol free. Mushrooms are known worldwide for their nutritional benefits. It is rich in selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin and most importantly vitamin D. It is the only food source that can take care … Continue reading "Mushroom Mania"

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