Yummy Curd

Curd is an excellent source of nutrients that gets absorbed by your body really fast without causing any problem to your digestive system. It absorbs nutrition from other foods and acts as a cooling factor after you have consumed anything spicy. Since time immemorial, curd is treated as a therapeutic item which protects one from stomach infection and also cures digestion related problems. It also keeps blood pressure under control and reduces cholesterol level to boost your heart health. There are many individuals who cannot digest lactose in milk so, for them curd is a healthy option which can conveniently replace milk as it converts lactose present in milk to lactic acid which is easy to digest. Curd is rich in good bacteria which strengthen your immunity to fight infections and help you lead a healthy life. Just like other milk products, curd too is good for bones and teeth. To ensure a healthy growth and maintenance of vigor and strength, adding curd to your daily diet is essential. It is rich in zinc, vitamin E and phosphorous which is good for skin. Curd is an awesome home remedy to lose weight. It also ensures proper hormonal balance and reduces stress and anxiety.


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