Weight Loss Myths That Make You Fat

Losing weight and maintaining a great body is every person’s dream. As holidays are approaching, weight gain is natural during festivals of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New year as people organize and go to feasts and treats. It is not easy to remain fit during that time but that does not mean you can not lose those extra chunks of fat. Most people generally make losing weight as their new year’s resolution but not much of them are able to stick to it.

Everyone must follow a well balanced weight loss plan in order to lose weight. But there are some myths that people believe in that are thought to be useful for losing weight but actually are doing the opposite of it. Below are five such myths that actually makes a person fat.

1. Myth : Skipping meals will help you to lose weight


Truth : Skipping meals is not a way to lose weight, instead eat your heart out and concentrate more on eating vegetables than fruits. You have to reduce the amount of calories you consume. Skipping meals can result in tiredness.

2. Myth: Losing weight is the hardest part


Truth: Losing weight is not as hard as it seems but putting off the lost weight is the hardest part. We all follow those crash diets that promise to lose weight but even if you have shed a few pounds, keeping it from crawling back is actually difficult.

3. Myth: Avoid eating fat

weight loss

Truth: This is the most common myth that people believes in. Actually, eating good fat like fish, meat, olive oil is good for you and the fat to avoid are those contained in pizza, burgers and ice cream etc.

4. Myth: Do not eat after 8 P.M


Truth: It really does not matter when you eat. Though there is some truth behind this myth but that is only to help people to avoid consuming excess calories. As long as you are not consuming extra calories you are good to eat when ever you like.

5. Myth: Drinking water helps you to lose weight


Truth: Drinking water alone will not help you to lose weight but it is a great way to stay hydrated all day long. Sometimes people mix thirst with hunger. Doctors recommend drinking about 1.5 lts. Of water everyday and that will keep the hunger aside.

Just remember to follow a healthy diet plan for weight loss. Stop counting calories and start consuming good quality fats, eating more vegetables and exercise regularly. By doing that you will be able to stay fit and healthy.

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