Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Talking about sexuality and sexual issues have been a taboo in the Indian society. This is one reason why, we still lag behind many western nations when it comes to diet planning specially designed to increase virility and potency. But slowly and gradually, things are changing and people have begun to deal with these issues with much ease and positivity. Doctors and dietitians have observed an increase in the number of patients coming for help.

It is a progressive step ahead. Experts say fertility and potency related issues most stem from an erred lifestyle and food habits. Therefore, now that people are ready to talk about their difficulties, it has become easy to help at early stages. At times nothing more than making certain alterations in old habits does the trick. Diet changes is the most common of them all. Specially designed Indian diet to increase testosterone and battle infertility issues have worked wonders for many. So if you are worried, do not hesitate consult a doctor and maybe a simple diet change is all you require to get back the cheer and good mood.

For men, here are some useful tips on how you can increase your testosterone levels:

1. Increase Zinc Intake


Addition of zinc in diet for a minimum of 4-6 weeks has shown to have increased low testosterone levels in most men. It is a very important mineral as restricting the intake of zinc leads to decrease in the levels of testosterone. Hence, proved this mineral is vital for potency and a healthy libido. Zinc also counters the exercise induced falling rate of this hormone.

2. Avoid Sugar


Higher blood sugar levels and decreasing testosterone are co-related. The more your insulin level, the more rapidly the testosterone will reduce. Excessive sugar intake has been seen as the major cause of testosterone deficiency pre-maturely. Thus, one should check on their sugar intake irrespective of having diabetes or not. It is a preventive measure to save from double trouble.

3. Avocados be a Mainstay in Diet

A fresh avocado cut in half

Do you know that the avocado tree, due to the close resemblance of the fruits hanging in pairs to that of male testicles, was called the testicle tree. Avocados sure live up to that name, as they are rich in Vitamin E that helps in naturally boosting the testosterone levels. Also rich in magnesium, carotene and potassium, avocados must form a part of your diet if you are aiming to improve your sexual appetite.

4. Don’t Compromise on Sleep

Sleeping couple.

It has been observed that those who take undisturbed sleep for 8 hours regularly produce more testosterone than those who survive on 4-5 hours of sleep. It is because while you are sleeping the body gets the time to check on whether all the systems are working in balance and restore itself. Thus long hour sleeps work well in increasing the natural testosterone release for the optimal functioning of the body.

5. Don’t Run from Cholesterol

Plate with fried eggs, bacon on board

Fats and cholesterol are not always harmful to one’s health. In fact in an effort to keep yourself at bay from heart risks, if you have completely discarded cholesterol from your diet then you are going to repent. Cholesterol is essential for the formation of testosterone (sex hormone). You will find cholesterol rich foods in plenty in the best diets for potency. In India, where men do not come open with such dysfunctions adding some yolk and some saturated fats in your daily diet might help you silently resolve your problem.

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