Tips to Shed Extra Kilos during Vacations

Vacations are the time when we are free from all kinds of stress and are in a mood of gratification. This is the time when we visit new places, meet our friends and relatives after a long span. It is the time of celebration and the best way considered to rejoice togetherness is by food. People relish different types of cuisines during holidays. In this case it becomes practically impossible to maintain weight as the common delicacies are not so “healthy”. At the time of vacations, we forget to manage our weight which most of the time results in obesity. It is impossible to go with a healthy diet at the time of vacations. So, it is advisable that we follow a diet plan which could help us control our weight to a certain extent.


By following certain tips at the time of vacations we can stay away from those extra pounds:

  1. One should add sufficient amount of water in their diet which could help improve the digestive system and also increase the metabolism rate of the body. With the increase in the metabolism rate, we can shed the extra kilos from our body in a natural way.
  2. One should add a huge portion of fruits and green vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, spinach etc. The use of fruits would help in reducing the calories from the body. These vegetables and fruits are a great source of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants which could help in maintaining proper weight.
  3. One should add small meals in their diet as it could help in digesting them and also reduces the over caloric intake.
  4. One should also plan regular physical activities like jogging or brisk walking which could help in losing weight effectively.
  5. Staying away from stress and laughing can also help in spending a healthy vacation.

These tips are the sure shot ways of maintaining weight during vacations.

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