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1. Who can use the website: The information displayed on this website is for the general purpose. Some sections are specifically designed for particular audiences of the site including the customers, employees or the partners of the website. This part is also shared by the members of this health website and sometimes by general public. Whatever you access on this site comes under the agreement of Terms of Use.

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4. Your private information will be safe: We respect the privacy of all our customers. For further information you may refer to the privacy policy of idietitian. Privacy policy explains how, when and where we use your personal information.

5. Association with other websites: Idiatitian may have placed its links on other health related website so as to serve you in better way. These websites are however not controlled by idietitian itself rather they are under third party possession. In the same way we also have some heath related links of third party on our site to make you better experience. We do not warrantee against the correctness or completeness of the content used or posted by such sites on our website. So we also will not be responsible for any damage or loss that you suffered from due to these links.

6. Information on this site: The information that we provide on this website can be used only for the general purpose. This information may help all those who suffer from some medical condition. We do not say that our information is a substitution for a doctor advice or other professional. The patient who has a severe problem may contact their doctor for appropriate medical advice. We do not commit that everyone will lose weight by using any of our suggested diet plan.

7. Users are not allowed to perform any activity on this site that leads to the violation of national, international, state, provincial or local laws.

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9. At any moment, if you ever feel dissatisfied by our services you are open to quit the site and its product at that instance.

10. User password and other security: As a registered user you are now responsible for maintaining your account information and password secure and confidential. You agree to contact us immediately in the case of any suspected unauthorized access of your account including theft, data loss, or disclosure of your password. You are responsible for all activities held under or through your account. Do not reveal your password to any third party. We as well as our affiliates are not responsible for any such loss. Any information that you share via internet like comments or forum questions-answers is non -confidential and Idietitian is not responsible for this. 11. Trademarks: Our trademarks are used on all our products developed by us or our partners or third party, who are permitted to do so. Anyone else is strictly prohibited to use this trademark without permission. This is found to be against trademarks law, the law of privacy and copyright law. No one has a right to use our trademark without our content.

12. Copyrights: The content of this website are liable to be subjected to copyright protection. The content of idietitian is not copied for anyone other than our partner websites or for individual with full copyright authority. It is otherwise not recopied, redistributed or reproduced from therein. Unless otherwise stated or permitted you may not copy its text, images, content or download, modify or republish any information of our website ideititian.in. So anyone is strictly restricted to use the content of this site for any purpose without the permission of idietitian.

13. Administration: the terms of Use of this website and your use as well both come under the administration of rule and laws of the government. Any legal action or other undertaking regarding this website shall be present in the front of the head position of the state or federal court of highest competent authority.

14. Other terms: If any outline or statement of this agreement of terms of use found to be unlawful then that outline would be breakable without affecting the other outlines. Idietitian reserves the right to alter, delete or remove any content, image or material from this website at anytime without giving any reason to anyone.

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