Tangy Bell Peppers

Bell peppers originate from South and Central America where they were first cultivated some 9000 years ago. They are one of those veggies which can turn any normal buffet into a grand one with its colorful and glossy texture. They not only add color to your food but also are high on food value. Their tangy, crunchy and sweet taste adds flavor to any drab food. Bell peppers, especially the red ones are rich in vitamin c and other vitamins and minerals which can boost your immunity and keep your skin healthy and young. Carotenoids present in bell peppers give them anti oxidant and anti inflammatory property. The capsaicin content takes care of diabetes and cholesterol and sulfur content gives protection against cancer. Vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B6 etc makes this colorful vegetable a true winner. To retain its maximum food value, cook it in slow heat for short duration since exposure to high temperature can destroy important nutrient from bell peppers. These mouth watering vegetables are very low in calorie and they can activate thermo genesis which can boost metabolism thus helping you burn excess fat.


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