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Preventing Hypertensive Heart Disease

Heart ailments caused due to high blood pressure are referred to as Hypertensive Heart Disease. Fatal conditions like heart failures, strokes, coronary artery disease and thickening of heart muscles are all associated with hypertensive heart disease. Basically, when the heart is made to pump blood under increased pressure it lead to one or many of … Continue reading "Preventing Hypertensive Heart Disease"

Food Swaps For A Tastier Low-Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol is required by our body to make new cells, produce hormones and insulate the nerves. Our liver produces almost sufficient amounts of cholesterol needed by the body. However, we further consume more cholesterol, as it is present in most food items (in traces or substantial amounts). For a healthy heart too much of cholesterol … Continue reading "Food Swaps For A Tastier Low-Cholesterol Diet"

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