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Delicious Banana & Almond Butter Toast

A simple and easy to make breakfast option packs a great nutritional value.You will get all the required calories and energy through this toast. Moreover almond butter adds metabolism boosting MUFAs. If you are running late for work do not worry, this will only take your 5 minutes. Ingredients Almond butter: 1 tbsp Rye bread, … Continue reading "Delicious Banana & Almond Butter Toast"

Basil And Tomato Sandwich Recipe

A quick 10-minute Mediterranean breakfast recipe: Things you’ll need: Whole-wheat bread – 4 slices Mayonnaise (fat-reduced) – 8 teaspoons Sliced Tomatoes – 4 thick slices Basil leaves (chopped) – 4 teaspoons Salt to taste A pinch of ground pepper   How to prepare the sandwiches: Cut the bread slices into rounds (a little larger than … Continue reading "Basil And Tomato Sandwich Recipe"

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