Sweet-smelling Cardamom

Elletaria cardamomum is commonly known as cardamom. It is a spice with a strong aroma which when used in recipe adds flavor and taste to the food. Along with its usage as spice, it also has medicinal properties and considered as an important ingredient in Ayurveda. Cardamom helps in digestion and constipation related problems. It relieves from nausea and acidity and plays a vital role in removing toxin content from the body. During cold and flu, green tea along with cardamom, clove and cinnamon can work wonder helping you recover fast. It is also good for regulating blood pressure. Researches came up with amazing discoveries that cardamom has certain qualities which can prevent few types of cancer and blood clot. It ensures efficient blood flow so that platelets are not aggregated and they do not stick to the artery walls. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Cardamom is also used from time to time as a mouth freshener. It has amazing qualities to take care of mouth ulcers and oral or throat infections. Cardamom is believed in Ayurvedic medicine to uplift mood by releasing endorphins hormone which helps to fight depression. The anti oxidant property of cardamom resist skin aging. Cardamom can work like magic incase of cramps and hiccups due to its anti-spasmodic property.


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