Spicy Chili

Chili originated since 7500 BC and reached India by 1498. Ever since, chili found its place in the list of Ayurvedic medicine to ward off a number of diseases apart from spicing your food. There are almost 200 varieties of chili in terms of color, size and hotness. Green chilies are excellent source of antioxidant that protects your body from chronic diseases like cancer and its anti bacterial property keeps bacteria away. It even slows down aging process due to its vitamin E content, which produces natural skin oil for a healthy and beautiful skin. Chili contains 7 times more vitamin C than orange thus opening your blocked nostrils and strengthening your overall immunity. Chilies effectively boost metabolism contributing to weight loss and it is also low in calories and helps in digestion process. Green chilies can protect men from prostate cancer and can effectively control blood sugar level in human kind. Intake of chili can release endorphins in brain which uplifts mood, making one happy. It is rich in vitamin k and takes care of iron deficiency. Red chilies are rich source of vitamin A which initiates growth and development. So, spicy up your food with colorful chilies.


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