Secrets to Sports Nutrition Diet Plan

A nutrient rich diet is important for all, but for people involved in vigorous physical activity it is a dire need. For sports-persons and athletes, not consuming a healthy diet would be to jeopardize their career and livelihood. Stamina, endurance and agility cannot be be attained without hard physical training, and training requires sweating it all out(burning out huge number of calories). Needless to say all that without a high calorie diet is not possible.

Consulting a nutritionist and getting made a customized sports nutrition diet plan is highly recommended. He will suggest you a diet that will try and include the following key components:

  1. Carbohydrates - Essential for muscle building, provides energy for exercise and recharges muscle glycogen reserve. Sources: Bananas,berries, low fat yogurt,tomato sauce,whole-grain bread.
  2. Proteins - Another good source of energy, proteins are essential for the transferring of other nutrients in the blood. Also contribute in the repair of tissues while stretching and exercising. Sources: Tofu, granola bar, chicken breast, cottage cheese (paneer), almonds and other nuts.
  3. Healthy Fats - Fats provide protective insulation to the body. These are required for the production of energy and for the absorption of certain vitamins which are fat-soluble.During training fats along with carbohydrates work as the fuel sources for the body. Sources: Fish oil, avocados,black olives, ground flax seeds.
  4. Micro nutrients: These are necessary for strong bones, efficient immune system and hemoglobin synthesis. Sources: green leafy vegetables (magnesium), apples (iron), citrus fruits (Vitamin C), milk (calcium) etc.

He might even suggest you to start taking some food supplements.There is a wide range of sports nutrition supplements online you could choose from.In an effort to eat more calories, sports enthusiasts in India, often devoid of expert coaches and trainers, tend to put on weight rather than eating sufficient amounts that can be burnt too. It then becomes all the more important to not rely on self designed diet plan, which could lead to unhealthy calorie intake. Rather a comprehensive sports nutrition weight loss diet plan in India offered by sites like Idietitian and many others could be the safest option.

Rest depends on your own personal discretion. Choose wisely, live happy.

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