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At, we care for your private information. We gather all your information and provide you with a smooth and great experience while you are working on our site. We never disclose your private information to the third party without your permission or unless needed by law. This page will show you the various privacy concerns that ever hit your mind.

Collection of personal information We generally collect, store and process your personal data in our database for the fulfillment of standard and legal rules and regulations. This is a must condition that is required as the part of the agreement between idietitian and the customer. If you ever find it wastage of time or unnecessary, then you can write to us anytime and withdraw. Further we use your contact information to send you some offers that match your interests and previous services you took from us.

In order to enhance our product and the related services, we analyze the collected data of users to view the users’ activities on our site. We use the IP address and mobile or other device information of the user to diagnose the problem with our servers. We do all this to gather more information about you and your location. You can participate in our optional online surveys that may feel necessity for your contact and other statistical information like zip code, age or income status. Above all, this gathered information is used to give you the best experience at our site. so that whenever you visit our website, you can freely and easily access what you need as per your interest and your preference

Purpose of cookies A cookie that is a small piece of information is stored by our web server on the user’s browser so that it can be later on used by the browser. This makes the work of the user easier and time consuming. Cookies when once get stored on your browser can be easily read out from there in future. They are very helpful for the browser and the user as well. We try to maintain both permanent and temporary cookies in your device’s hard drive.

Processing of Information Idietitian processes your collected information to do some important activities like operation and enhancement of site. We regularly analyze the site usage statistically and notice the behavior of the members when they visit the site so as to improve the content, layout and services if required. This information is also served for improving the marketing and promotional attempts.

Sometimes we may operate your personal information so as to catch some fraud or theft practice, if required. We may correlate your account information with your multiple accounts (if exist) for preventing the misusage of our services. This also happens in case you are served by multiple corporate entities. If you want to get benefitted by such service, you need to opt-in for this service, they may not serve you easily otherwise. We may also reveal your personal information for commercial purposes if ever required, by law. This information is basically shared in good belief to respond any court orders or other legal issues. This is also done to respond to the law enforcement offices, third party rights owners, or to others in good belief when it is required to do so.

Association with other websites The services that you mostly receive through our website may be directly linked with our website or sometimes our partner website or the third party. All of them need to use your personal information to complete one task or the other if you use their services. We do not take any responsibility against such websites and their privacy policies.

Security issue Our site provides you some security measures that protect you against the loss or misuse and sudden modification of your personal information, stored with us. It is always suggested to make a use of secure server when you access your account or change your personal information. By following our advice, you will be under a protected shed. Once you come under our possession we are tuned to our security guidelines and protect you against any loss or theft, fraud or unauthorized access of your personal information.

Third party promotion Sometimes you may have seen and visited the advertisements on our website. These advertisements are imposed by third party to promote their product or other information. These advertising companies use some of your personal information credentials when you visit their particular add or website. Their main motive is to find out the person and be in touch with him, who ever shown the interest in their product.

Acceptance of terms Your continuous use of our site indicates that you are agreed with the privacy policy of The team of the idietitian keeps updating and reviewing the privacy policy of the website and changes it, if required.

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