Mindful Eating For A Healthy You

Generally you eat either when you are hungry or when you get time, but for few people they eat as per their stipulated eating time. Some individuals even tend to eat when they either feel bored or emotionally disturbed. These are typical signs of eating disorder which needs to be fixed before you even think of adapting any diet plan. There are times when you feel like having a small bite from a calorie bar, stop yourself to ask a simple question if you are hungry or if you need the food, your rational questioning will leave you awed only to find that you either want to chew on something to kill boredom or you are upset over something and munching will distract you from the emotional grief.

We live in diet-obsessed society which constantly taunts us in terms of;

  • How unfit we are physically

  • How much weight we have gained since last one year leave apart health hazards.


So, the best remedy to kick-start a diet plan will be to first understand the food you are consuming daily. Mindful eating is a very old practice to indulge full attention to the food on plate. This will empower you to eat healthy and stay healthy moreover; eat only when your body needs calorie to sustain. Let us now quickly understand what mindful eating is all about.

  • It is very important to love yourself and care for yourself and your basic needs, which means you eat because you care for yourself.

  • Every food particle needs to be enjoyed when you are consuming them in order to generate positive effect from eating.

  • Keep your taste buds alert and notice the color, texture, taste and aroma of your food.

  • Include both nourishing as well as foods you enjoy the most in your diet so that it stays interesting and you can enjoy the meal.

  • Eating is a pleasurable activity so, it should generate satisfaction. Eating your meal should not be treated as a task. It is an activity which should make you feel happy.

  • There is no right or wrong way of eating, eat the way you feel comfortable, which will make you happy.

  • Avoid any kind of distraction while eating. Often you will find yourself tuning into your favorite show on television while eating or, you end up having your breakfast while driving to work.

  • Try and have fiber-rich diet and chew your food thoroughly to help your digestive system absorb the food well.

  • A full tummy will never help you stay fit, so stop eating before you are completely filled. This will help you digest your food faster.

  • Once you consume a happy and healthy meal, you should gear up to use the energy you gained in a productive way.


You can try this time tested formula to stay healthy without shelling out money on artificial products which might slim you down for a while, but it can create bigger challenges in the long run. Eat healthy, stay healthy to enjoy a fruitful life.

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