Karwa Chauth Diet Tips

Karwa Chauth is a precious day for every Indian women and is celebrated with full faith and glamour. It is a day dedicated to the husband's long life and wives fast all day for this wish. Fasting is also good for health since the stored fat in body is utilized to provide energy thorughout. This helps in reducing bad cholesterol and also some extra fat in the body. One must take some precautions so the fast does not lead to any not welcomed health problems, such as heartburn,ulcer, nausea, etc. Here, are some smart quick tips from Idietitian India on this auspicious day.   - After day's fast do not drink coffee or tea on an empty stomach. It can cause acidity and lead to vomitish feeling or nausea. - Drink water or any liquid like fruit juice, cocunut water,buttermilk or vegetable juice before you can eat any solid food. - Avoid spicy or oily food for dinner after day long fast as it may cause acidity and heartburn. - Try to have very light food after the fast that has high protein value and gives you healthy cholesterol. - Complete your dinner with a warm lemon water or a cup of green tea as it can helps in digestion. - Do not indulge in sweets or heavy foods the next day thinking that you had nothing the previous day. - Pregnant ladies or anemic ladies should definitly consult a doctor before undertaking the karwa chauth fast.

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