Secrets of Successful Weight Loss

Health consciousness has gained popularity in India. The new generation of Indian men and women, have increasingly acknowledged the need to stay physically fit, in order to cope with their fast paced lives. However, with a humongous range of mouth watering cuisine on offer, and never ending festivities that bring in loads of tempting sweets to gorge on; maintaining a stable weight is a hard nut to crack. Nonetheless, if sincere efforts are made one can definitely reap positive (healthy) rewards.

The key to keep oneself in shape is to consume only those many calories, as are needed by your body to actively function. So if you are obese and looking forward to shred a few kilos, then reduce your calorie intake immediately. While you can find a lot of health sites that can guide you in this regard and suggest a healthy diet to follow; those that are effective on Indian body types are rare. So do laborious research, and find Indian weight loss diet plans to get the maximum benefits. Also, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor before or during you follow these diet plans. As every individual has a distinct body, differing metabolic rates and activity levels; general tips may not work for all.

A few tips though, to at least initiate the weight loss regime in your life:

  • Drink lots of water

Drink more, eat less- As simple as that. Drinking a lot of water keeps you hydrated as well as gives you a feeling of fullness inside. However, water is not a substitute for solid food, just a way to curb untimely hunger pangs.

  • Say no to sugar

Sweets add too much of unwanted calories to your body. You have to rise above your temptation if you want a slim and fit physique.

  • Check on the saturated fats

The desi ghee that Indian moms love to put in every dish is a complete ‘no’ for you. If weight loss is your serious goal, items like ghee, butter, full cream milk can never be a part of your healthy diet meal plans.

  • Lemon water with Honey in the morning

Take a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice squeezed in. This will be your zero calorie start to a lovely day. Even better would be to mix some honey into it. This is believed to be a fat burning drink.

  • Exercise

If you can’t reduce the calorie intake, burn it by some rigorous physical workout. Some daily squats, cycling or swimming can be great options to burn the fat as well as keep you fresh and active.

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