Exercise in Summer

During hot weather, people who exercise outdoors need to take steps to avoid heat injury. Staying hydrated is essential, and can be accomplished by drinking a large amount of fluids half an hour  before exercising, drinking at least a small glass of fluids every 20 minutes during exercise and drinking beyond the point where you no longer feel thirsty after exercise, is advisable. Water is the best, unless your exercise session lasts longer than an hour. If you have worked out more, you may want to replenish lost salts by drinking a sports drink. Adapt your body to exercising in heat slowly. This usually takes 10 to 14 days and can reduce your risk for heat injury. Once your body is acclimatized, you will sweat sooner.  Your core body temperature will stay lower and you will have a reduced risk of dehydration. Also lower the intensity of your work out while you get used to the heat.  Wear comfortable cotton sportswear and socks that are made for excessive sweating.  Anything that helps sweat evaporation from the skin is recommended. If the temperature outside is over 35 degrees centigrade and humidity is over 50%, it is generally thought to be unsafe to exercise outdoors.  Switch to a more comfortable time, such as late evening or early morning.  If you can swim or exercise in the water, you may be able to cool down and work out at the same time.  Another option will be to join an indoor activity or even an air conditioned gym or health club. If you have no option and choose to exercise in the heat, stop if you begin to feel dizzy or uncomfortable, and seek medical assistance.

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