Eat healthy and live healthy

“You are what you eat” this statement often reaches your ears. You may find that people use this phrase just to encourage healthy eating but this is true what you eat is what you are. There are many healthy recipes that include delicious food at the same time. This food can be easily made at the comfort of your kitchen within a few minutes.

There are many people who believe that eating raw fruits and vegetable is better than a cooked food. But it is not mandatory to cook every vegetable or lean meat in oil, other approaches are also there to cook this food in healthy manner. Rather than to fry them in corn or vegetable oil, we can steam or stew them or can cook them in a microwave oven. Use a unique pot for steaming healthy food with a tight lid on the top. Stewing means to cook a food on a stove or oven. The easy and healthy way to cook food is by using oven. There are number of techniques for cooking healthy food and various recipes for these healthy diets. All you need is significant nutrients to satisfy your palate.

In today’s era, wellness is very important than in past years. We all are enough educated about what is good for us. Cooling healthy is one way to keep you and your family well. The first step is to know what is healthy for you. You should also know the healthy way to cook them. You may go through the healthy diet recipes for making your healthy food. Healthy cooking does not always means tasteless cooking. You can use olive oil for cooking that is preferable over other oils. Olive oil gives additional flavor and reduces bad cholesterol of the body. Cutting the amount of this fatty oil will also control the amount of cholesterol levels. Add some herbs that provide an additional flavor without affecting your blood pressure. With a little experimentation you may well discover you in fact prefer fresh herbs to salt.

The benefits of healthy food do not directly relate to the food we cook. They are also dependent on the cookware. So also take care of the cookware while making healthy food.

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