Diet Tips for Navratras

Navratras are a special occasion during which different foods should be enjoyed as these foodsare not usually eaten on a regular basis. Navratras is a fasting and feasting season. In these ninedays, most of us end up feasting on high-calorie food instead of fasting. In fact food during Navratras should cleanse our system and prepare us for the coming winter months.Here are.


Some tips for dieting during navratras.


• Include lots of liquids like fresh fruit and vegetable juices, coconut water, buttermilk,vegetable soups etc. in your diet as they will help you to give energy and are low in calories. These will help you to clean the toxins from your body. • Do not keep your stomach empty for a long time because it will leads to acidity and heartburn. Eat small and frequent meals. Cold milk is an effective remedy for acidity and heartburn. • Make paranthas instead of puris and instead of oil use yogurt in the dough. Avoid halwas. • Eat veggies like pumpkin and bottle gourd indifferent forms such as soups to fill you up with a few calories. • Make Sabudana khichdi in the microwave because it can be made with minimal oil. • Use lighter and refreshing, rajgira flour to make chapattis. • Limit your potato intake to about twice a week. • You can make some idli and dosas from samak ke chawal. • Do not starve yourself. Keep eating healthy foods after every two hours like a fistful of dry fruits. • One must use canola or olive oil instead of ghee. • Use low fat milk, paneer and curd. • Substitute fried potatoes with boiled ones and you can make raita or chaat with curd.


Avoided food:-


• Buckwheat puri • Potato, arbi, sweet potato • Banana, banana chips, banana vegetable • Sabudana • Avoid desi ghee • Fried foods • Aerated drinks


Free foods


• Kuttu ki roti plain or stuffed • Lauki, kaddu, radish and tomato • Low fat milk, curd and paneer • Samak rice • Fresh fruit juice, milkshakes, cold coffee (all with less sugar). • Pear, apple, guava, papaya etc

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