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Improving Potency by Natural Means There have been instances of people complaining of low sex drive. A minor change in the food intake can bring great changes in the intercourse situation of the body. It is not necessary to treat these synthetically. Natural food products can also prove to be a great help. A particular kind of nutrition initiates a solid foundation for a healthy body capable of a healthy intercourse. There are varied foods that delight your senses and satisfy your hunger along with providing you the potency your body requires. Certain foods can help in improving sexual arousal both in men and women. Some of these are listed below: Tomatoes casting a citric magical spell Tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin C which is very beneficial for the overall health of an individual. Tomatoes consumed in any form are good for potency. Iycopene found in tomatoes benefits the virility and prostate health. Researched have also found that tomato sauce helps in preventing prostate cancer. Move of its intake would result in a healthy mind and a strong body. Nutty magic of almond and walnut Almonds and Walnuts are a real source of energy. They are also termed as natural Viagra. They are essentially very beneficial for virility. These foods are a rich source of arginine, an amino acid which is very helpful in the erection process. Many countries squeeze out walnut to produce a super-potent extract. Intake of dry nuts has been believed to reduce the cholesterol level of human body. These nuts have also been referred to as the healthiest snacks. Highly beneficial green leafy vegetables Romaine, green lettuce, parsley, cilantro, asparagus, broccoli and celery are phallic foods that are rich in potency-enhancing qualities. These foods enhance the sex drive and support the sexual energy. Initially as well green leafy vegetable are said to be a storehouse of minerals, vitamins and proteins. These foods have low-calorie content and a high-nutritional value that balances the human body. Green vegetables are an active source of energy and help our body to revitalize nutrients. Building up strength with oysters Oyster contains rich amount of zinc. Zinc is said to have high-octane-sex-drive booster both for man and women. Zinc also helps in production of semen. Oysters are good for the overall nourishment of the body and so they intake should be increased. Zinc in oyster boosts up the male fertility and testosterone production. These are also a rich source of proteins that help in building up body tissues. Omega 3 easing the blood circulation To have a good sex drive, one should have a good blood circulation. During sexual excitement the brain sends signals to the body that allows flow of blood to the genitals which in turn lead to stronger erection. Thereafter, it is very essential to take such food items that boost the circulation of blood. Such food items must be rich in Omega 3. Fishes, sardines and mackerel contains rich amount of Omega 3 that boost an individual’s sexual drive. This also makes the body function efficiently and boosts up the stamina.

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