Idietiatian offers a Diet mentor, strongly keeping in view the weight loss, fitness, personal diet, lifestyle diet and therapeutic diet, besides improving the health condition of the customer.

It is really not possible for us to give you 100% guaranteed weight loss assurance, as losing weight is dependent on many medical and physical factors of customers. All customers have different body structure, different height, different age and different daily routine and so on.

Any gap or inconsistency in program is non adjustable in future. You have to pay a membership fee for each weight loss diet plan that you choose- personal diet plan, therapeutic diet or lifestyle diet. The fee is valid for a month as the first package is chosen and this period cannot be adjusted any way unless informed earlier. So it is suggested to all the idietitian members to avail the maximum benefits by using the services regularly.

It is very important for the customers to precisely understand the involved procedure before getting registered with us. Idietitian is not responsible for anything, thereafter.

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1 Week
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Trial Pack

1 Month
Monthly $39.99

Starter Diet Plan

3 Month
Monthly $29.99

Save $29.99

6 Month
Monthly $25

Save $89.99

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