Dealing with Work Related Stress

Most people in jobs are said to experiencing frequent bouts of high stress.  They are said to suffer even longer periods of mental agony and pressure to be effective in their jobs. Don’t accept stress as just another part of your job. There are several meaningful ways to bring your levels down. Even if you feel, you need to work each minute of every working day, but taking short breaks between tasks can actually help you stay focused and  more efficient. At work, try to reward yourself for completing each small task before you move on to the next. Use a ‘to do list’ in a planner or an electronic organizer to keep yourself organized and in good knowledge of any deadlines. Don’t be afraid of falling behind and stop constantly agonizing over assignments you may have forgotten. At home, make the most of your downtime. Choose to play with your pet, take the children out to the park, and have lunch with a friend instead of relaxing in front of the TV.  Do things that keep you happy.   All work and no play will make you dull and anxious.  So change now.  Often, these small and seemingly meaningless activities will help you take your mind off stressful situations at work!

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