De-stress With A Healthy Diet

We live in a fast paced life dealing with stress all the time. Often we are in such a hurrying state that we do not get enough time to chew the food properly. Moreover, each day we burden our metabolism with loads of toxin and processed foods which we expect to digest and maintain our health with. In our day to day life we cannot completely wipe out stress however, we can try to handle stress in a more effective way so that it does not take a toll on our overall health. One of the most effective ways of stress management is to have a healthy diet to reduce stress.

There are certain foods which initiate stress whereas there are foods that helps you release stress and feel calm from within.

  1. Junk foods are high in sugar and low in fibre, the refined grains present in them increase the fluctuation of mood due to stress hormones.

  2. If your diet is filled with carbohydrate and lacks proper amount of vitamins and minerals then it can increase the toxin content of your body adding unwanted fat.

  3. Often when you feel upset, you feel like having quick snacks containing sugar, salt and processed fat. These definitely brighten your mood for the time being but, it has long term negative effect on your health. It leads to craving for more of these junk leading to weight gain.

avoid processed food

The type of diet you should encourage yourself in is a natural diet.

  1. A diet low in sugar and refined carbohydrate and high in healthy fats, quality proteins, fruits and vegetables.

  2. Keep yourself away from foods that accumulate fat to your body.

  3. To follow de-stress diet it is important to understand whether you are hungry.

  4. Never skip your meals. It can rise in insulin can result in weight gain.

  5. Get a strong nervous system by taking vitamins B, C and E, along with minerals like; magnesium and zinc.

  6. Drink plenty of water to keep your body and brain hydrated. This will help you cope with stress better.

You can include following food for stress relief in your diet plan and keep you healthy and active throughout the day.

stress reducing food

  1. Raspberry can be an excellent snack to calm you with valuable nutrients so that it helps you stay focused and full of energy.

  2. Asparagus is an excellent source of folate which can keep an individual calm and balanced hence taking care of stress.

  3. Avocados are rich in vitamin B, vitamin E, beta carotene and lutein. This creamy fruit prevents the body and mind from stress.

  4. Blue berries are filled with anti oxidant and vitamin C which prevents from stress.

  5. Chamomile tea soothes nerve for a restful sleep.

  6. Green tea has amino acid called theanine which calms the mind releasing stress.

  7. Chocolate plays an important role in fighting depression.

  8. Cashews belong to the nut category and can be treated as snacks in between meals. Cashews are good source of zinc which helps to fight anxiety and depression. Low levels of zinc in body cause depression and stress.

  9. Oatmeal helps your brain to secrete serotonin, a feel-good chemical which boosts mood in a positive way.

So, eat a healthy and balanced diet for a stress free and happy living.

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